Hi!  My name is Joshua and I live in Winston Salem, NC but always wishing I was in Orlando.
“My love for Disney started with my grandfather, who used to collect Disney movies on VHS and would tape Disney Park specials off of the Disney Channel.  Everytime something would come on the TV about Walt Disney World or Disneyland, he would always call my Mom to remind her so me and my siblings could watch it.  And at age 12, we were finally able to visit the Parks for the first time and it was everything I thought it would be and more.  Their use of color, smells, sounds and everything was bewitching to me and on top of it all was the incredible service that comes with the Disney name.  From that point forward, I would talk to anyone who would listen about everything Disney.  Even when I became a Cast Member myself, my enthusiasm never wavered.
My love of traveling started when I had the opportunity to live in the United Kingdom.  I fell in love with other cultures, food, and people.  And, once you catch the travel bug, you can’t get rid of it!  Whether you’re treating yourself to a Disney vacation for the first time or the 500th, I want to help.  I want everyone to have the same magical experience that I had at 12 years old and continue to have!  I look forward to meeting you!”

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