My first Disney World trip was a young child and honestly I don’t remember much about that trip but at the young age of 4 I became a lover of all things Disney. My mom and dad told me that when we returned from that trip I wanted to see every Disney movie and own every Disney princess. I couldn’t wait to become a parent and have my children experience that magic.

So my first trip as an adult was something even more magical. It wasn’t only my first trip for my children who were 6 and 2 but I was the first trip for my husband as well. And I knew when we left that trip that there would be many more to come for this family. My husband even said he didn’t care if we ever went anywhere else on vacation he loved Disney World that much!

I am a “foodie” in general so my love for Disney dining is immense. When friends talk about going to Disney I am sure to throw out there my favorite places to eat and favorite items there. Need to know where the best Disney princess meal is? I’m your girl!

I am so excited to be part of the Dreamers Do Travels team and now officially share my love for all things Disney to others! Contact me today and we can begin planning your magical trip!

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