Dreamers Do Travels, Inc has some exciting news!

Jan 10, 2018 | Blog, Disney Info

Dreamers Do Travels, Inc. has had some very exciting news just sitting on the tips of our tongues for a bit now, and we’re thrilled that we can finally share with you!
Our small business, very hardworking travel agency has been awarded a special distinction by The Walt Disney Travel Company: we have been invited into their EarMarked program, which earns us the ability to be formally known as “Dreamers Do Travels, Inc., an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner”!!!
What exactly does this mean? Yes, we have always been able to successfully book and help plan all of your magical vacations… but now, we have proven exemplary performance in the areas of Disney Destinations sales volume and training/knowledge, and we play by all the specified rules when it comes to our marketing and behavior/professionalism as a team. It means that not only have our clients realized that we have travel agents that know their stuff and are GREAT at what they do, but The Walt Disney Travel Company recognizes it as well!
This is a huge honor and something we’ve been striving for from the first day we received that business license! It is extremely rewarding to not just our team as a whole, but for each individual travel agent who played a part in getting us here. We’ve all been a part of something much bigger than ourselves (long-lasting memories for many happy clients— there’s no price tag or level of pay as good as the feeling of a satisfied client!), and have done it 110% better as a team than we ever could have done individually. For our first year of eligibility for this distinction, we’ve entered as a Gold Level agency, and the meaning behind that is just surreal, for this little dream has turned into a huge reality quite quickly.
Thank you for your loyalty, your support, your business, your friendship, and most of all, for seeing, trusting, and respecting the value in what we do. THANK YOU! 💫

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