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Bill & Liz Winter

Bill & Liz Winter


Here at Dreamers Do Travels, Inc., it is truly a family affair, and we want you to really feel that you are a part of it! We are Liz and Bill Winter, a wife/husband duo. Our passion for travel started early on thanks to our family vacations during our childhoods. We took our passion for travel, as well as premium customer service to the next level by working at the Walt Disney World Resort in several different roles during the years of 2004 – 2012. During that time, we met as skippers at “The World Famous Jungle Cruise” at the Magic Kingdom! Nothing like some corny jokes and a sprinkling of pixie dust to bring two people together!

Upon moving to a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, the passion for all-things-Disney, as well as the world of travel continued on. Liz decided to pursue a role in the travel industry by becoming a travel specialist, and later we decided that we could do bigger and better things within the travel industry, thus branching out and turning the dream that is “Dreamers Do Travels” into a reality in 2015. We now fill every available moment leading a spectacular team of like-minded travel enthusiast professionals, helping clients plan out the most memorable vacations, and researching how we can go above and beyond to fulfill clients’ vacation dreams in a very personalized way!

We are constantly brainstorming ways to do “on-the-job training” for ourselves! We love seeing the world with loved ones and with our brilliant team. We have three small children whom we instilled a love for travel in from the start! Our oldest is named “Lillian” after Walt Disney’s wife as a nod to our beginnings together. We look forward to helping families book travel at the most exciting places! Please contact us now; we can’t wait to assist you!

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Why Book with a Dreamers Do Travels Agent

We are a small, family-owned business. When you use a travel agent from Dreamers Do Travels, you can trust that they’re backed by a wonderful team who works together to help each other’s clients have memorable vacations. When you book your travels with a Dreamers Do Travels Agent, you help support someone’s family, someone’s goals, someone’s livelihood.

See why hundreds of families trust their vacation planning to Dreamers Do Travels.

Personal Attention
Your Dreamers Do Travels Agent is your ONE go-to for all of your questions. You will never sit on hold in a call queue, only to speak to someone who has no idea who you are or what your trip entails. We get to know you, you get to know us, and we help represent you.
We will promo-watch for you to make sure you ALWAYS have the best deal possible. We know a vacation is an investment, and we treat it as such, no matter how big or small the price tag.
No Cost
We offer an absolutely, positively FREE concierge-style service quite unlike any other for your travels, from beginning to middle, to end, and beyond.
We come with experience. Many of our agents live where you vacation. Many of us, Dreamers Do Travels owners included, have worked for the companies we book, which is our number one passion! We have assisted hundreds of families in making their dream vacations a huge success.
Less Hastle
Let’s face it, planning a vacation can be overwhelming! There are so many great options out there, and so many details to consider. Don’t sweat it. We think of all the details you might otherwise miss when booking on your own. We strive to make your experience as stress-free as possible, keeping in mind all the important dates, questions, recommendations, and tips, so that you can pack your bags, sit back, and be on your way to the most memorable vacation possible.
We are extremely knowledgeable about the destinations we book. We wouldn’t place you anywhere that we wouldn’t vacation at ourselves. We travel often to bring back firsthand experiences, and we attend as many trainings, intensive workshops, and events as possible so we can lead you in the best direction when it comes to YOUR travels.

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